Naughty Dog developed and released one of the greatest arcade racers for the PlayStation 1 known as Crash Team Racing (CTR) in 1999.

We spent years disassembling the original Naughty Dog assembly/machine code back to C and managed to make it playable online without harming the original gameplay. We also added some new exciting features along the way.

The result is the original CTR game we know and love but finally available to be played with up to 8 players with anyone in the world... online.

"Kart Racing Has Never Been This Good"

Completely reverse engineered back to machine code and rebuilt for online play

DuckStation Emulator

OnlineCTR runs under DuckStation which is available on GitHub for download.

Dedicated Servers

We have multiple dedicated servers available located in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Spain and Australia.

Open Source

The full source code for CTR is available on GitHub. Anyone can fork, edit and pull new fixes, improvements or suggestions.

Free to Play

OnlineCTR is free to play. Use your own retail copy of the game and apply our patch to join the fun.

All Tracks & Characters

All tracks and characters are unlocked by default. Race where you want with who you want.

Discord Community

Join our community to make friends, organise races and report issues directly to the administrators.

Additional Improvements

We have added a considerable amount of new improvements to the game engine whilst keeping the original core envisioned by Naughty Dog untouched.

Supports 30 or 60 Frames Per Second (FPS)

We made OnlineCTR support the option for you to choose either the original 30 FPS (PlayStation standard) or 60 FPS.

No Desynching

We designed the networking code from scratch so that infamous desynching issues in P2P setups such as Kaillera are over.

Full Screen Racing

No more split-screening when trying to race or verse someone. There is no reduction in polygons either.

Join our Discord Server!

Find new players. Make new friends. Make new memories.

Setup & Race Your Way

Find Players. Select a Track. Choose a Character. Race.

All Characters Unlocked

All Tracks Unlocked

Choose Your Own Username

Online Battle Mode

Online Adventure Mode (WIP)

8 Player Dedicated Servers

We host a variety of dedicated servers in multiple countries so you can always find a game with up to 8 other players. You can also host locally over LAN. When a race is over, you are automatically reconnected to the same lobby, and the most amazing thing is it's completely free to play.








Gameplay Demonstration

See OnlineCTR in action before you patch your copy of the game


Lines of Code


Discord Members


Dedicated Servers


Years of Work